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What is your roasting and production schedule?

We roast to order every Monday all the coffee that was ordered since the last production Monday. We do this to do our best to ensure that the coffees that are delivered to our customers are as close to roast date as we can.

This means that once we have all the coffees roasted, we start packing through the end of the day Tuesday. If your order was placed after 12 noon PST on a Monday, then it will most likely be roasted and fulfilled the next week.

In some cases, we are able to fulfill the order throughout the week if we have those coffees on hand!

How can I edit my subscription?

Editing subscriptions can be done through the emailed link that will be sent to you upon starting a plan with us. If this email gets lost, let us know right away and we can send you another one with the click of a button!

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