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El Diviso Excelso | Single Origin

El Diviso Excelso | Single Origin

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Passion Fruit, Pink Bubble Gum, Eucalyptus

Origin | Huila, Colombia

Variety | Pink Bourbon

Process | 28 Day Special Process Washed

Elevation | 1750 masl

Producer | Nestor Lasso

Roast | Light

Nestor Lasso is a third-generation coffee farmer, whose grandfather, José Uribe, was the founder of the farm El Diviso. With the work of all his family and constant savings he was able to build the infrastructure to process differentiated coffees; searching for better quality. After a long trial and error period he managed to standardize different processes, getting a better income in order to plant new varieties that allowed him to have better quality. One of his dreams is to produce specialty coffee that reaches all the world. 

This particular coffee is a Pink Bourbon variety, that underwent an elaborate and extended washing process, that produced a beautiful flavor profile. It first went through a floating process in order to select only the best cherries (fully ripe). The cherries then underwent anaerobic fermentation in bags or jars for 32 hours at an average temperature of 17°Celcius. From there the cherries were moved to a tank for an oxidation process of 12 hours. The coffee is then pulped. Then, the mucilage and coffee beans are oxidized for 40 hours. After which, they are submerged in spring water for continued fermentation at 40° Celsius for an additional 80 hours, occasionally being stirred. The coffee is then washed in order to rid the mucilage. The coffee then undergoes a thermal shock process, where the coffee is washed with water at 65-70° Celsius to finish the fermentation. Finally, the coffee is moved to parabolic drying systems that reach a maximum temperature of 30° Celsius, which takes between 18-24 days until it reaches 11% moisture. 

This is a beautifully clean coffee with tasting notes of: passion fruit, pink bubblegum, and eucalyptus. For us, this is truly a special coffee.

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