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The Bridge

The Bridge

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Milk Chocolate, Berry, Pecan

Origin | Central & South America

Variety | Mixed

Process | Washed

Elevation | 1200-1950 masl

Producers | Small Farm Holders

Aspects | Organically Grown

Roast | Medium

Lore is committed to introducing better coffee to anyone who is seeking a finer and more consistent home coffee experience. Our hope is to reach those wandering in the world of bad coffee, help them across the chasm of mediocre coffee and into the realm of specialty coffee. The Bridge is the culmination of a long project aimed at bringing specialty coffee that is approachable, to those who have yet to experience our craft. The majority of coffee brewed at home is darkly roasted commodity coffee, roasted by large companies and purchased at grocery stores. The flavors detectable in coffees such as these, are generally dark, nutty, smokey and if you're lucky, chocolaty. Generally, milk and sweetener are added to improve the flavor and to make for a drinkable experience. 

While there is nothing wrong with adding cream or sweetener to coffee, we don't think it should be done because you have to. Our mission is to introduce coffee that tastes perfectly without additives. The Bridge is precisely that. What truly separates this blend from the majority of coffee available to you, is the high grade coffee chosen by us, and the skill level of the farmers who grew them. The Bridge is a 50/50 blend of two different organically grown coffees, one from Colombia and one from Peru. These coffees have both gone through a traditional washing process at the farm and were taken to a medium roast level at Lore HQ, bringing deep and creamy, chocolate flavors to the forefront. This coffee has a medium body, and is sweet, with berry flavors coming through as the coffee cools and has a mild nutty finish.

The Bridge is intended to be both good with or without cream and sugar. This is a versatile coffee, well performing with all brew methods. Though we hope that The Bridge will help one‘s interest in unique coffees grow, we completely understand if it becomes the go to that you can’t let go of, because it’s that good. 

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