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Death to the World | All Night Vigil Blend

Death to the World | All Night Vigil Blend

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Caramel | Candied Almond | Chocolate | Orange

ORIGIN | Colombia, Honduras

VARIETY | Field Blend

PROCESS | Washed

ELEVATION | 1500-1950 masl

PRODUCER | Smallholder Farms

ASPECTS | Organically Grown

ROAST | Medium

We chose complimentary coffees from South and Central America to create a staple blend for those waging war on their passions and declaring Death to the World. This 50/50 blend of organically grown coffees from Honduras and Colombia went through traditional washed processing at the mills and are roasted to a deep medium roast level, in order to reveal sweet and caramelized flavors, that are balanced with a hint of nuttiness and sweet citrus.

At the onset of tasting this coffee brewed on filter, we find caramel flavors to be most distinct, with candied almond notes coming through as the cup begins to cool. As the coffee arrives at an optimal drinking temperature, balanced chocolate flavors come through in a big way. These chocolate flavors are paired with a sweet orange-like citrus on the finish. It has a medium to full body throughout.


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