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The Long Bridge

The Long Bridge

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Dark Chocolate, Molasses, Marzipan

Origin | Peru, Colombia

Variety | Mixed

Process | Washed

Elevation | 1800-1950 masl

Producers | Small Farm Holders

Roast | Dark

Aspects | Organically Grown

The Long Bridge is a darker version of the medium roast blend that we call The Bridge. It is intended to act as an extension to the bridge we are building between darkly roasted commodity coffee, which has shaped America’s appreciation for the drink, and the world of specialty coffee. This coffee is reminiscent of that darkly roasted commodity coffee, only in that it is full bodied, chocolaty and a little nutty. Instead of the smoky taste, sweet caramelized flavors are fully present. We use the same coffees that are in the medium roast version: a washed process Colombia and a washed process Peru. 

By using the same two coffees in The Long Bridge, we are able to present the same blend with more development and darker color. On the forefront we taste dark chocolate, with molasses becoming apparent as the coffee cools. A sweet almond-like flavor appears on the finish, much like marzipan. The Long Bridge is intended to be both good with-or-without cream and sugar. This coffee is almost as versatile as The Bridge, performing well with all brew methods, but it truly shines as espresso, and pairs greatly with steamed milk. Much like The Bridge project, we hope that The Long Bridge will help one‘s interest in unique coffees grow, but we completely understand if it becomes your go-to coffee, because it’s that good.

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