Our Mission

We source unique coffees grown and processed by expert farmers and producers from around the world. Our job is to pay homage to their craft by delicately roasting every coffee to optimum flavor, clarity and distinctness, bringing you into the story behind each coffee.

How Lore came to be

After migrating their families from opposite ends of the continent, Nicholas and Graysen found themselves meeting at Church, in a small town in North Idaho. This is where their friendship developed and upon which they have placed their business. Through their shared faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Holy Orthodox Church, the two started Lore Coffee Roasters, in order to provide for their families and glorify God in all things.

Nicholas and Graysen came together with an idea to combine their talents and ambition, with the goal of bringing uniquely tasting coffees to the panhandle of Idaho and all North America. Every coffee has a story. Coffee is grown around the world, with different climates, soil compositions, and elevations. It then goes through various processing methods. These variables impart specific flavor and aromatic characteristics. As roasters, our job is to discover the best way to roast each coffee. The purpose for Lore Coffee Roasters is to do that job well, highlighting the unique flavors and aromas found in every coffee.


Nicholas is our Head Roaster and Director of Coffee. His 8 plus years of experience in the specialty coffee industry and love for the craft of coffee spearhead the direction of our coffee program.


Graysen and his wife Rachel are in charge of maintaining customer relationships, bag designs, and all things technical. Graysen is behind the business of Lore. His technical mind and dedication to details keeps Lore in operation.