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Patristic Faith Collab Coffee | Single Origin

Patristic Faith Collab Coffee | Single Origin

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Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Almond, Lemon

Country | Honduras

Region | Opalaca

Elevation | 1500 meters 

Producer | COMICOVEL Members

Farm | Various Smallholder Farms

Variety | Lempira

Process | Washed

Certifications | Fairtrade, Organically Grown (Certified Organic by Mayacert)

Roast | Medium

Patristic Faith

Patristic Faith is partnering with Lore Coffee Roasters to bring quality coffee to the Faithful, through the support of an Orthodox business in order to further the ministry of Patristic Faith. Part of the proceeds are given directly to Patristic Faith.

Together we have curated a unique coffee packaged in a one of a kind bag showcasing the partnership between Patristic Faith and Lore.

Learn more about Patristic Faith here:

The COMICOVEL cooperative in San Juan Intibucá is composed of smallholder producers who farm coffee organically with a focus on overall environmental sustainability.

The co-op was formed in 2016 and exported its first coffee in 2018. COMICOVEL exports with both Fairtrade and Organic certifications, which will earn producers premiums to continue the organic farming and ecosystem preservation that protects nearby freshwater sources.

Producers process coffee using their basic de-pulping and fermentation infrastructures. Most have wooden hoppers for cherries with a concrete tank for fermentation. Coffee is fermented in the tanks for 18-24 hours and washed in washing channels. Most farmers dry their own coffee on concrete patios or sometimes also on raised beds in greenhouses for 14-20 days. The co-op has worked with these farmers for many years and provided technical assistance to increase productivity on the farms.

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